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Top 20 Advertising Agencies and Marketing in Montreal

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May 30, 2024
May 30, 2024

In this article we will discuss the top 20 Advertising agencies and marketing in Montreal, analyzing their details and unique services. 

Whether your brand requires a complete makeover or you are a start-up embarking on a journey from scratch, this article is tailored just for you. 

Digital marketing agencies are similar to architects, they will create your entire digital ecosystem, by Integrating social media platforms and managing advertising campaigns. The ultimate goal is to propel your brand to the spotlight.

Best marketing and advertising agencies in Montreal

It’s time to know the top 20 advertising agencies and marketing agencies in Montreal. Are you ready to explore them? Let’s go!


Edkent Media

Integral marketing solutions

advertising agencies and marketing in Montreal

Edkent Media is the leading marketing agency in Montreal. With ten years of experience in the field, they are dedicated to maximizing brands digital potential. 

Their team of experts provides integral services such as social media marketing, email marketing, and website design,  accelerating the growth of your brand in this evolving world. 

What sets them apart from other digital marketing agencies is their people-first approach, which involves putting the customer at the center of everything and prioritizing communication.



Marketing that transforms the world

advertising agencies and marketing

Havas stands out in the second place of this ranking as the most creative marketing and advertising agency that works across different industries. 

They are partnered with renowned brands in the gaming industry, TV networks, and video distribution platforms, being able to deliver integral and innovative digital solutions to their clients.

Havas’s mission is to make a meaningful difference in brands and people, and they do so by providing media strategy, data consulting, media buying, and performance marketing services to clients.



Content- focused advertising agency


To close the podium, it is Dreww, a digital advertising agency dedicated to content production. If you aim to stand out on social media platforms, Dreww believes that having a content and distribution plan is essential to succeed. 

This plan includes two specialized services that will convert your followers into customers. The first service is an always-on social media strategy which differs from the traditional approach, by creating content aligned with your target audience’s interests.

Dreww also specializes in web development and conversion optimization, a service focused on providing a user-friendly experience to customers that will complement your business goals.


Wink Strategy

Quality advertising services for your brand


Wink Strategy is one of the top marketing and advertising agencies in Montreal and specializes in creating digital solutions with a customized strategic approach.

As a digital marketing agency, their team of experts provides different services that when combined will bring outstanding results for your business. Those services include branding and strategy, public relations, and social media among others.

Some of the renowned brands that chose to partner with Wink Strategy are Bell Media, Université de Montréal, and Le Group La Poste.



The company that increases sales


Webistry offers a wide range of digital marketing services specializing in growth marketing solutions. Their focus is set on increasing your business´s sales.

To create conversion-optimized landing pages the team of Webistry provides integral services such as search engine optimization, social advertising, and content creation. Search engine optimization is a digital strategy chosen by most businesses as it can significantly increase website traffic, get to know the Best SEO Companies & Agencies in Montreal

Webistry is an official partner of Meta Business, Google, and Amazon Ads, among others. If you are looking for results driven by data, then Webistry should be your top choice.


GVN Marketing

Creative solutions that boost your business


GVN marketing is one of the top advertising agencies and marketing in Montreal, dedicated to delivering creative marketing solutions aligned with your business goals. 

Their data-driven approach combines an analytical mindset with creativity, resulting in innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

GVN marketing is composed of a team of professional experts that offers content creation services,  web development, and search engine optimization. They are specialized in social media advertising, their most sold marketing service.



Sales-focused digital marketing agency


ELK MKTG is a digital marketing agency specializing in growing your business by maximizing your return on investment. 

Their team combines a passion for design and sales providing different services that will allow your business to attract new clients, including multimedia production, graphic design, content marketing, and web development.

As part of the top advertising agencies and marketing in Montreal, ELG MKTG stands at the forefront, leveraging cutting-edge strategies and creativity to propel brands to success.


Ranker Studio

The leading growth marketing agency

ranker studio

Ranker Studio is the best marketing agency, dedicated to growing your business with a data-driven approach. 

This dynamic digital marketing agency specializes in growth marketing strategies, including search engine optimization and email marketing. 

Clients choose Ranker Studio due to its proven track record in generating tangible results for each business. Clear communication and transparency are their core values that are essential to succeed in the marketing industry.



Digital marketing agency for franchises


Expandify is a renowned marketing and advertising agency that specializes in helping franchise companies scale their businesses. 

Their team of marketing experts will conduct multi-channel campaigns to place your business in the market. Expandify has a personalized approach to projects, they will know your goals and strengths in detail to deliver the best possible results. Combining digital marketing services with software development services can be beneficial for your business, get to know Top Software Development Companies in Ottawa and improve your brand.

Expandify is the only digital marketing company specializing in franchises, they will help you with marketing and automation of sales platforms.



Effective strategies for your brand


Orkestra is among Canada’s top advertising and marketing agencies, committed to providing innovative marketing solutions that resonate with your business objectives.

This advertising agency specializes in brand identities and campaign platforms, by combining attention to detail with the analysis of trends. Orkestra has more units of business called production and alliance. 

Orkestra is your ideal partner if you seek creativity but effective management of your business at the same time.


Jeffrey La Brecque

Data and creativity: all-in-one

jeffrey la brecque

Jeffrey La Brecque stands out as the advertising agency with the most innovative strategies in the market. It is an agency run by the owner who specializes in generating leads for brands. 

What is their approach? Easy, they believe that the best equation to succeed in the industry is blending data and analytics with a big portion of creativity too. He offers different services including social ads, digital planning, and search engine marketing. 

If you need to accelerate the growth of your business don´t hesitate to contact them!


Bob Agency

Excellence in brand management

bob agency

If you seek top-notch brand management, Bob Agency is your go-to solution. By combining creativity and intelligence they deliver digital solutions that increase the sales of your business. 

Their approach involves a multi-channel strategy to generate engagement with your target audience. As a marketing agency, communication can be difficult to handle but Bob Agency knows how to stand out your brand in the market.

Their strategy involves content production, advertising, and design of identity among others.


Brand Lume

A marketing agency lighting up businesses

brand lume

Brand Lume is among the top marketing and advertising agencies in Montreal, they are committed to offering digital solutions that make a real impact in the world. 

There is nothing better than having all the services you need to grow in one marketing agency and that is the case of Brand Lume. 

From branding services to website design and development, they’ve got you covered, making them the ultimate destination for startups looking to thrive.


Agency Braque

Experts in communication


Agency Braque is a marketing agency located in Montreal that offers 360-degree marketing services. They create campaigns with measurable impact. 

Their mission is to ensure the success of every business. They achieve this with a team of communication experts, who are well-versed in different topics of the digital marketing world.

Their excellence is reflected in the quality of the services they provide such as research and strategy and digital marketing. 



Specialists in email marketing


What sets Upearence apart is its expertise and dedication to maximizing the impact of email campaigns in the digital world. 

As an advertising agency, their team of experts manages tailored strategies designed to attract potential clients, drive engagement, and ultimately, deliver measurable results.

Apart from email marketing, this advertising agency offers a wide range of services including social media management and content creation ensuring that clients receive solutions that meet their marketing needs.



Communication that transforms reality


Macadam stands out as one of the top marketing and advertising agencies in Montreal due to its approach focused on communication. 

Their creative team of professionals will ensure that your business succeeds by delivering advertising campaigns that resonate with your audience, increase engagement, and drive results.

Macadam is dedicated to elevating your brand’s presence and making a lasting impact in the competitive market.


Labour Creative

Powerful ideas to leverage your brand

labour creative

Labour Creative is a marketing and advertising agency renowned in Montreal for its innovative approach to brand storytelling. 

This agency believes that “powerful ideas are what make communication work”, emphasizing their commitment to crafting narratives that resonate with audiences.

With Labour Creative, your brand isn’t just showcased; it’s authentically brought to life, creating meaningful connections that endure long after the campaign ends.


Sauterelle Design Inc.

Your vision becomes a reality with this agency


Sauterelle Design Inc. is not just another creative agency, they have an important role in the marketing industry of Montreal. They combine creativity with communication, delivering outstanding digital solutions to their customers.

If you’ve got ideas brewing but struggle to bring them back to life, look no further. Their team of experts specializes in a range of services, including social media management, branding, and artistic direction.



Leaders on content creation for different channels


Fidelitix is the best marketing agency in Montreal renowned for its commitment to planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns. 

Social media advertising, display advertising, and video advertising are some of the digital solutions they provide to businesses from different industries. 

Their marketing strategies are tailored to maximize your engagement online and to increase your sales by applying different techniques.


Mirum Agency

Innovative digital experiences


Mirum Agency is among the top advertising agencies and marketing in Montreal dedicated to the creation of connected brands. 

With a focus on innovation and creativity, Mirum Agency combines cutting-edge technology with strategic insights to deliver digital experiences.

From immersive digital campaigns to omnichannel strategies, they empower brands to thrive in the modern marketing industry. 


As we conclude our journey through the top 20 Advertising Agencies & Marketing in Montreal, it’s clear that the city is filled with talent. 

Each agency brings its unique strengths and strategies to the table, offering businesses different opportunities to enhance their online presence and succeed. 

Do you have any other recommendations for agencies that deserve recognition? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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Top 20 Advertising Agencies and Marketing in Montreal

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