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15 Best SEO Companies & Agencies in Toronto to improve your rankings (2024)

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May 28, 2024
May 28, 2024

Are you a business that needs to grow online and make an impact in the search engines?

SEO companies have an irreplaceable spot in the marketing industry, they can boost your visibility and conversions by executing different techniques such as content strategies and conversion rate optimization.

Find out the top players in Search Engine Optimization that are transforming the business industry.

Continue reading to discover the best SEO companies and agencies and choose the perfect fit for you. 

Top 15 recommended SEO companies in Toronto

Explore the 15 SEO companies and agencies in Toronto, let’s go!


Bluehat Marketing

Pioneering international SEO techniques

Bluehat marketing

Bluehat Marketing is the leading SEO company that has dominated the market for fourteen years and continues to do so. They aim to provide quantifiable results to their clients by applying international SEO techniques. 

Renowned for its partnership with Google, Facebook, and Semrush, its team of SEO experts is dedicated to creating an industry-tailored approach that maximizes the digital reach of its clients. 

Beyond the basics of SEO, Bluehat marketing provides a wide range of services such as optimized multilingual website structure, multilingual keyword research, global content strategies, and user journey and behavior analysis.

Its multidisciplinary expertise is shown by the diversity of industries they work with, including finance, education, technology, e-commerce, SaaS, and B2B.

If you are looking for an SEO company that increases your sales by 40% in the first three months, Bluehat should be your primary selection. 


Search Engine People

The best competitors’ analysts

Best SEO companies and agencies

Search Engine People is one of the best SEO companies and agencies. 

This SEO company boasts two decades of experience, serving companies from different industries worldwide. Some renowned clients are Remax, PwC, and Panasonic. 

One of the things that sets Search Engine People apart from other agencies is their use of the finest software available created by them. With all tools in one software, their extraordinary team will dedicate their days to analyzing your competitors to design a strategy that sets you in the first positions of the results page (SERP).

By obtaining quality leads and generating clear ROI they advise businesses to rank higher in the search engines.


Ranker Studio

Sales- driving traffic guaranteed

Ranker Studio

Ranker Studio is a growth marketing agency based in Uruguay that provides digital marketing services worldwide. 

With a data-driven approach, Ranker Studio offers top-notch services tailored to accelerate your business growth. Committed to delivering high-end results, this agency excels at providing digital advertising, SEO services, and email marketing.

Ranker Studio SEO services stand out in the industry due to their foundation: SEO audits are key to understanding your website from the ground up. If your business needs sales- driving traffic without relying on advertising, Ranker Studio should be your leading option. 

Operating under the premise that “numbers never lie”, Ranker Studio equips you with all the tools to elevate your business to another level.

Best of all, they can handle every aspect of your digital marketing needs. 


SEO Plus

Integral processes that deliver excellent results

SEO plus

Seo Plus is a digital marketing company specializing in SEO services including local SEO, B2B SEO, and E-commerce SEO.  

They have been excelling in the industry since 2012 by implementing collaborative strategies with a results-driven approach. The magnitude of their clients speaks volumes of their expertise, such as Canon and Betway. 

Seo Plus is one of the best SEO companies thanks to its integral process of work that has five stages: discovery, keyword research, competitive analysis, technical optimization, and content development.

They have been recognized as the global 2023 search awards winners.


Small Giants Agency

Where creativity meets transformation

Small giants

Small Giants is an innovative marketing agency known for transforming brands with a technological background. With a team of marketing architects, they specialize in brand strategy and creative design, sales automation, and CRM among other services. 

Their motto is to achieve the connection of all the work streams in your marketing ecosystem. They do it by focusing on problem-solving strategies and by combining the skills of tech experts and creatives.

Small Giants’ systematic approach led them to work with renowned clients in the Fintech, Technology, and B2B verticals such as Kong and HUB. 


Brand Lume

Tangible results and solutions for your brand

Brand Lume

Brand Lume is a digital marketing services agency founded in Toronto. As a full-service agency, they specialize in web design, SEO, and PPC. Providing different services allows them to work integrally with any brand that wants to grow its numbers. 

When SEO companies partner with the best software development companies the results are transformative, combining strategic expertise with the latest technology. 

At Brand Lume, they claim that the best marketing strategy is one based on transparency. Their team of experts is dedicated to delivering tangible results that lead to high traffic of segmented users and sales which will enrich your brand presence.

Within the SEO services they provide, you can book the “fully managed SEO services package” equipped with all the customized tools and experts necessary to convert your leads into sales. 


Status Bureau

SEO services that maximize your digital potential

status bureau

Status Bureau is a boutique SEO company with over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Their motto is to create easy-to-track campaigns, emphasizing that data measurement is vital to achieving business goals. 

As an owner-operated agency, the quality of their services is high-class. SEO services are the star of this agency, including a reliable team of senior SEO experts focused on transparency and collaboration.

What sets this agency apart from other recommended SEO companies is its ability to search. They guarantee your online success by providing meticulous technical audits, on-page optimization, content writing, and other services.


Local SEO Search

SEO for companies that serve communities

Local SEO search

Local SEO Search is one of the best SEO companies known for its capacity to assist local businesses’ growth. They are fully invested in working with small to medium-sized companies that serve communities. 

With more than forty SEO experts in-house, they provide integral solutions for brands that need to grow online. Those solutions include keyword research, website design, link building, content creation, and more.

Local SEO Search should be your top choice for partnering with an honest team that excels in SEO at a national and international level.


D-Novo Group

Digital Marketing for Law firms

d-novo group

D-Novo Group is the leading SEO company specializing exclusively in Law Firms. By being aware of the need for a complete digital marketing strategy to boost your business, they came up with customized SEO services.

With an aggressive marketing tactic, they guarantee to put your law firm in the top positions of search results. Their 360-degree approach includes web page design and strategy, content marketing creation, social media creation, and reputation management.

Whether you are a law firm, medical professional, or any other type of business, consider working with D-Nove Group, an SEO agency that dominates search rankings. 


Brand Vision

Premiere SEO services aligned with your goals

Brand Vision

Brand Vision is a digital marketing agency renowned for being recognized globally as the Top Full Service Digital Company by Clutch in Toronto. They are the perfect combination of creativity and innovation by delivering customized services. 

This agency believes that attention to detail is the top priority. That is evident in their personalized services, which include unique web design and development products, cohesive visual branding that aligns with your audience, and premium SEO services. 

With more than a decade of experience, Brand Vision is one of the best SEO companies that has worked with businesses across various industries including technology, real estate, and travel and hospitality.


Rank Secure

The agency focused on user search intent

rank secure

Rank Secure is one of the best SEO companies and agencies in Toronto. By driving quality traffic to your website, the team of SEO experts can help increase your sales. 

Their strategy starts with a detailed technical SEO analysis of your business website. Metadata optimization and internal linking are just the beginning. This SEO agency focuses on User Search Intent: by identifying user needs, they create helpful and valuable content that ranks higher.

Are you concerned about your competitors and struggling to find the ideal strategy? Rank Secure will take control. They conduct comparative research to identify your areas of improvement and create an effective strategy.


Digital Commerce Partners

The ideal combo to grow: content + SEO

digital partners

Digital Commerce Partners is an SEO agency that offers expertise and profitable digital products all in one place, which adds them to this ranking of the best SEO companies and agencies.

They believe that content is the foundation of a successful strategy, and is the first step in climbing the mountain of business growth. That is true! By creating content targeted to your audience, your website will receive highly relevant traffic. 

This SEO agency follows data-driven processes that involve content audits, keyword research, content strategy, and ongoing content production. Clients highlight how well-executed their blog posts are, reflecting the tone and essence of the brand.

Digital Commerce Partners is your ideal partner to obtain meaningful results within the online world. 


Edkent Media

Masters in positioning websites

Edkent media

Edkent Media is the leading complete digital marketing agency in Toronto specializing in developing customized strategies for the accurate positioning of websites. 

When the company was founded in 2014, the owners focused on SEO strategies to distinguish themselves in the competitive marketing industry. Their services are recognized as some of the best in the field, including competition analysis, content management, keyword research, and technical SEO.

Through their straightforward approach, they constantly deliver exceptional results for their clients such as Reuters, Forbes, and Entrepreneur being part of the best SEO agencies and companies.


Asset Digital Communications

An agency with the latest tools and trends

asset digital communications

Asset Digital Communications is a digital marketing company that loves to deal with marketing challenges across various industries. 

They are known for being up to date with the latest tools and trends. Innovation is essential if you seek creative solutions to leverage your business numbers. 

Asset Digital Communications is aware of the time and budget wasted by some brands when working with agencies that don´t understand the industry. To prevent that, they offer several services to cover every aspect of your company´s needs: from strategy and consulting to search engine optimization. 

Choose this agency to grow your business with confidence.


Web Hoster

Growing plans designed by experts

web hoster

Web Hoster is a web design and digital marketing agency recognized by Clutch as the top SEO company in retail in Canada. 

The agency focuses on designing superior technological strategies for businesses that are commercially convenient for them. Their team of experts uses metrics to create a growing plan that aligns with your needs. 

Web Hoster wants to transform digital landscapes and they do so by combining SEO services, e-commerce development, website, app development, and email hosting among others.


After having analyzed 15 top SEO companies and agencies in Toronto, it is evident that businesses have excellent options to consider. 

Each agency boasts unique approaches and strengths, offering businesses diverse journeys to improve their online presence and increase sales. 

Now it is your turn to participate! Which SEO agency has caught your attention? Would you include another agency in the rank?

Let us know in the comments below


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