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Top 10 Software Development Companies in Ottawa

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May 26, 2024
May 26, 2024

In a world where digital presence is essential, having a well-developed mobile application or website can make or break your business. For start-ups especially, partnering with these software development companies can be a game-changer.

Consider this: almost everyone either buys a product or hires services online. But with so many options available where can one begin? 

Suppose you are looking for the perfect partner to develop and transform your idea into reality. In that case, you will find the best software development companies in Ottawa right here, with expertise guaranteed. 

We have compiled all the essential details of each company bringing you their services, descriptions, awards, and more. Dive into our list and discover who is leading the charge in this evolving industry. 

Best Software Development Companies

Find the top software development companies in Ottawa, and go ahead!


Netfore Systems

Business growth guaranteed with the latest technology

top software development companies

Netfore Systems is a software development company that combines expertise and technology to deliver exquisite results for the growth of your business. 

Innovation is a word that defines them well, their team of software developers specializes in the latest tools and technologies such as Bootstrap, Shippable, Javascript, and Grails. 

Netfore Systems highlights that collaboration is the foundation of the lifecycle process of every project, ensuring rapid software delivery. Once you start working with them, the project is divided into four integral phases: discovery, definition, development, and delivery. 

While tech companies usually lack flexibility, Netfore Systems stands out for its flexible approach. They offer companies the choice of working independently as a development team or collaborating closely with their team throughout the process.

In addition, their wide range of full-stack software development services will accelerate your business growth at a financial and organizational level. Their team of experts provides responsive web applications, product innovation, and system modernization.

Whether you are an early-stage start-up or a large global enterprise, Netfore Systems should be your top choice.



Custom-software development solutions


Sharkbyte is one of the best software development companies. 

With their expertise in creating complex software for high-scale companies, they specialize in app development and websites that drive the maximum return of inversion (ROI). 

Sharkbyte´s detail-oriented approach across the project lifecycle involves guiding clients to success by designing creative solutions that minimize their risks. 

Apart from app development, Sharkbyte provides three efficient services based on technical knowledge including custom development roadmaps and team augmentation. In tech companies, high-quality roadmaps can make a difference in the outcome. With over a decade of experience, they will provide business-minded software solutions. 

They have experience working with strategic startups to large enterprises in both the public and private sectors. Some renowned clients of them are Rooney, Microsoft, and Queen´s University.

Sharkbyte, headquartered in Ottawa, delivers its services across Canada and the United States. If you want to blow the competition out of the water don´t hesitate to reach out to Sharkbyte.



A global mindset that transforms ideas into reality


Loopstudio is a software development company that stands out in the industry for being recognized in the top 10 great places to work and it is also part of the Best MVP Development Companies

They pride themselves on their reputation for creating extraordinary web and mobile apps for more than 40 startups, assisting them in reaching their business digital goals and success in the competitive market.

Their global mindset transforms each project idea into high-value products and services. Specializing in start-ups, Loopstudio has a dedicated team of senior software developers who work under the premise of an agile approach, ensuring efficient development processes that meet the dynamic needs of emerging businesses.

Loopstudio is more than a company that delivers software products, they are the perfect growth partner for your business. They truly care about their customers and it is reflected in the quality of services they provide.

With Loopstudio, there´s no need to look elsewhere for additional expertise, they have everything required to manage integral projects in-house: from project managers to frontend/ backend developers.


Xacent Global

Strategic technological solutions

Xacent global

When analyzing the top software development companies in Ottawa, Xacent Global can´t be left outside the picture. They are dedicated to providing strategic technology solutions for modern businesses. 

Their motto, “simplifying IT for a complex world” drives them to offer affordable IT solutions applying the latest technology in the software industry in Ottawa keeping you ahead of the competition. Additionally, their industry expertise in healthcare, finance, and manufacturing ensures customer growth. 

A team of seasoned software developers leverages the best resources in the market such as data centers and hosting platforms, a wide range of development tools, and customized cloud platforms that improve your project’s performance.

Xacent Global is committed to tailoring software solutions that propel your business forward aligning closely with the idea you envisioned.

Their expertise granted them recognition as Lenovo Partners and Microsoft Gold Partners, attributed to their success in executing complex migration under a tight deadline.



A highly skilled team of software developers


Iversoft is a mobile-first software company that puts the needs of its clients at the center of the projects. It was founded in 2009 and has been the leader in the industry since then, they are known for building the first solitaire game available on iOS. 

They blend philosophical principles with a highly skilled team of software developers, providing innovative digital solutions engineered to enhance the operational efficiency of businesses, by simplifying their workflows and processes.

At Iversoft, the team prioritizes communication, placing it at the center of each client’s project, emphasizing that transparency is their core value. The steps of each project include discovery to align goals, followed by pre-production to do research, production to design, development, and test, culminating in launch and support.

Their services are tailored to cover the whole development of your project. While initially specializing in the mobile app development company, they expanded their services to web development, user experience, and interface design with quality assurance, ensuring an integral approach to meet the customers’ needs.


Brash Inc.

Revolutionary products created by the best

brash inc

Brash Inc. is one of the best tech companies in Ottawa. They are entirely dedicated to innovative product development and everything related to that area. Their clients vary between entrepreneurs, startups, and already-established businesses. 

This software development company is composed of talented designers and skilled engineers who collaborate to craft revolutionary products. Their multidisciplinary team ensures that every aspect of development will be handled with expertise and dedication.

Brash Inc. specializes in industrial design through an iterative process, prioritizing the user experience. They also offer brand development, mechanical engineering, UX/UI design, and full-stack services, all with a holistic approach to emerging technologies.

If you seek a partner capable of managing all aspects of your project with high-end technology then Brash Inc should be your top choice.



The king of customized software development


Calian is a customized software development company that specializes in helping the world with leading innovative solutions. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, they are ready to embrace new challenges.

Their team of software developers has successfully managed projects in a wide range of industries including psychological services, healthcare, cyber defense, and cloud services, demonstrating their versatility for diverse sectors.

Software development is included in the engineering area of the company, what stands out is the design of scalable and flexible cloud-based applications.

By leveraging cloud development your company can benefit from low infrastructure costs and the capacity to manage large volumes of data effortlessly.


Pink Robot

Creativity and development: all-in-one

pink robot

Pink Robot is a boutique creative design and development agency founded in Ottawa, Canada. 

They work under the project-based or subscription-based modality, handling each project with the support that every company needs. Their team is dedicated to launching your project on time, which is why fast turnaround and enduring support define Pink Robot well.

This software development company has a team of design and creative experts that will reflect the essence of your brand in high-quality websites. They also focus on the optimization of your website for performance, you can find the best SEO companies and agencies here. 

Pink Robot works with a variety of technologies closely tested by them such as Shopify, Custom WordPress, Mailchimp, and Woocommerce.


Coldfront Labs

Specialists in Drupal content management framework

coldfront labs

Coldfront Labs has been praised for being the software development company that uses the Drupal content management framework. They excel at building applications and platforms that are used by the municipal government, NGOs, and the federal government.

Apart from working with software development, they also have a pool of experts that can manage the whole cycle of apps and web creations including consulting and content creation.

Coldfront Labs believes that content is needed to make the most of your digital assets.

They provide Drupal services for custom training, application architecture review, custom module development, and custom migrations. 



Cutting-edge solutions aligned with your needs


Are you in search of a software company that accelerates your business growth? Aligned is the partner you have been looking for. They are fully dedicated to delivering efficient software and technological solutions for companies. 

Their team is the perfect partner to explore new opportunities. With a strong focus on application development and modernization, they bring cutting-edge solutions to keep your systems up to date. They are also proficient in data engineering and analytics, cloud readiness, and adoption among other areas. 

Aligned extensive experience is closely combined with the usage of top technologies in the market, including languages like Ruby and Java, different frameworks, and advanced tools ensuring optimal performance and reliability in every project they undertake.


In the constantly changing digital world, software development companies play a key role in driving innovation and progress forward.

After analyzing the top software development companies in Ottawa, you have valuable insights that allow you to make informed decisions based on your needs and goals. 

Feel free to share suggestions from other software companies in the comments.

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